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Take your ride to the next level!

You are not just driving your car to get from A to B and long, winding roads make your heart leap? We are glad you found us. We will help you to unlock your engine’s maximum performance and make sure that you will never want to get out of your car again.

+30% HP and

Unleash your engine’s true potential. RaceChip performance optimisation unlocks up to 30 % more power.

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Engine warranty

Pure joy of acceleration and speed without regret. Thanks to our comprehensive engine warranty you and your ride are protected.

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Up to 1L less
fuel consumption

The significant increase in torque enables earlier shifts which leads to less consumption. Saving fuel has never been more fun.

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Three great options – customised for your car

RaceChip One

from 129 EUR
+20% HP1 +20% Nm1
  • Up to -1L consumption (per 100km)
  • Optional 1-year engine warranty

Our entry level performance chip combining an attractive price with proven RaceChip quality.

RaceChip Pro 2

from 249 EUR
+25% HP1 +25% Nm1
  • Up to -1L consumption (per 100km)
  • 1-year engine warranty included

Our bestseller with the latest optimisation software and high-quality components.

RaceChip Ultimate

from 479 EUR
+30% HP1 +30% Nm1
  • Up to -1L consumption (per 100km)
  • 2-year engine warranty included
  • Smartphone Connect Feature (optional)

Our premium chip. Superior performance and safety compared to ECU remapping. Also available with Connect Feature allowing power to be controlled via our RaceChip app.

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Chip tuning from €129

Go and directly configure an optimization package for your car.