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+NA% HP1 +NA% Nm1
Up to
-15% fuel saving
na year
engine warranty
1Possible improvement

The perfect performance improvement for modern engines

Experience our innovative bestseller, the Pro 2.

Commanding power down the straights and exciting acceleration out of the bends: if that's what you’re after, you'll love our bestseller, the RaceChip Pro 2. The driving experience in your car is more intense and emotive throughout the rev range with clearly improved power and more torque. In certain situations there can even be an active safety advantage to having greater power reserves.

The RaceChip Pro 2 offers an overall package that you'll love. With premium components, our latest software specially designed for your car and a comprehensive service package that includes a 5-year product warranty. And all of this for a price that offers unbeatable value for money.

Best in class – your benefits from the Pro 2

Of course, the Pro 2 also has all the other qualities that distinguish RaceChip. The optimization software is fine-tuned specifically to your engine through a series of examinations and test runs.

Our Engine Protect System ensures that the performance upgrade is always kept within your engine's RPM tolerance range. Of course, we also use only the highest quality hardware components.

+25% power and torque

The tuning software in the Pro 2 is specially designed for your car to optimize your engine's electronic signals. This provides a significant boost to the horsepower and torque within the available power reserves. You'll enjoy added power, dynamics and mid-range acceleration.

Better fuel economy

RaceChip Pro 2 increases power while helping you save fuel and money. Savings up to 15% are possible. Torque optimization is the key to this success. The equation is pretty simple: more torque = earlier upshifts = reduced fuel consumption = lower costs.

1-year engine warranty

We have 100% confidence in the quality of the Race Chip Pro 2. Your benefit is the RaceChip engine warranty, which covers all the major engine and powertrain components, so you’ll always be on the safe side.

The RaceChip engine warranty is available in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

5-year product warranty

We use only premium components in the Pro 2. The entire circuit board is covered in nano-coating and the processor was specially designed for the operating conditions found in an engine bay. The housing is heat-resistant, and the connection is made with a high-grade FCI plug. The Pro 2 is a high quality product, which is why we offer a 5-year product warranty.

Simple installation and removal

You don't have to be an expert to install the One. Easy do-it-yourself installation in just a few minutes – that's the RaceChip Plug&Drive promise. It lets you use the most sophisticated technology with the utmost ease.

A milestone in chip tuning – Our Pro series

Benefit from unbeatable value for money with the RaceChip Pro 2

A milestone in chip tuning - Our pro series

Benefit from unbeatable value for money with the RaceChip Pro 2

Components you’d otherwise only see in the premium chip tuning segment: heat resistant, fiberglass housing, a circuit board covered with nano-coating technology for optimal moisture protection, and a special FCI plug from the automotive engineering sector.

You’ll get these premium hardware components with the RaceChip Pro 2 together with the latest version of the RaceChip optimization software at an attractive price offering great value for money. Make the most of your car’s power reserves but make no compromises.

Comprehensive safety
is part of the package.

Warranty for performance chip and engine+

Engine Protect System+

Premium hardware components+

RaceChip Pro 2

Pro 2
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